Weird Writer’s Quirks

We as writers have probably each been called weird at least a few times. And it’s kind of true. But everyone is weird in their own special way. There is no shame in it. Here is a list of things that we as writers do that others may consider ‘weird’.

1. If someone is staring at you from the other side of the room and won’t stop, they are one of two things. A creepy stalker that you may want to get away from, or a writer. I am guilty of this. This is the time when you see someone who reminds you of your character and you can’t help but stare because YOUR CHARACTER IS SITTING RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU!!!

2. If you’re in the middle of a conversation and all of a sudden, the person you’re talking to exclaims something really random that makes no sense, then runs off to write it down, he is probably a writer. I have done this on multiple occasions. One time it was during a video game with my brother, another time I was walking to the car through the Sam’s Club parking lot.

3. If you’re walking with your girlfriend in the park and all of a sudden a person next to you starts staring and giggling softly and trying to hide her joy, she’s probably not crazy, she’s just a writer and you remind her of the romantic pairing in her novel.

4. When you are sitting next to someone and they get very serious, intent, or start making whining noises, taking deep breaths, and making faces, they are either a little crazy, or a writer (even though those words basically mean the same thing). These emotions probably mean something intense is happening in their book at the moment and they CAN’T TAKE THE EMOTIONS!!!

5. One of the most awkward things with writing is having to tell to someone how you feel about your book, how you made your characters, how you got your town names and basically how you write and get your ideas. If you tell people the weird things about writing, people will probably think you are insane.

6. If you look at a person’s search history and it comes up with really creepy searches like ‘How to Maim Someone’, ‘How Long Does it Take to Freeze to Death’, ‘What Does it Feel Like to be Electrocuted’, ‘How to Rob a Bank’, chances are they are writers. I mean, he could be a serial killer or criminal but chances are he is a writer researching material for their next book.

7. If you see someone staring at their screen with tears streaming down their face (it’s happened to me before), they are probably a writer writing something really emotional and heart-wrenching, not emotionally unstable.

8. Writers love to talk about the fictional worlds and people they created. Please don’t be annoyed, we just really love our fictional things.

9. We have attachments to random things that, to other people, would just be normal, everyday objects but they are special to us because, in our story, our characters love them.

Those are just a few of the weird things writers do. If I told you all the weird things I do, it’d be too weird, so I’ll just stop here. If there are any writers reading this, feel free to tell me if you do any of these things too!