Snippets From My Book

I recently started working on the sixth draft of my dystopian novel. This time through, I’m focusing on line edits, which has been very tedious and frustrating at times. Over the past few days I’ve only managed to finish four pages.

I’ve been working on this book for about two and a half years now. It began in 2014 as my first ever NaNoWriMo project. After finishing the first book, I realized that there was more to the story. It was a daunting prospect, but I came to accept that it wasn’t just going to be a duology, but a trilogy and, in January of 2015 I began the sequel. After completing the three books, I have now dedicated the past year or so of my life to editing the first one. Here’s hoping it’ll be published one day!

The book is set in futuristic Russia, and deals with a race of super-humans who are being hunted and killed off by the government. It’s comparable to X-Men, but not exactly the same.

Along with the sentences, I’ll also be sharing some visuals. And so, without further ado, here are a few snippets from my book.

Snow wandered to the ground as he scanned the street for a car to steal. As he continued into a neighborhood, he couldn’t get his mind off the poster.


She laughed and laid back as flowers and plants grew around her body.


“Tell me where they went.” He knew she would never betray her people. Not for anything.

“I’d rather die,” she growled, her voice sharp as needles.


The place had an air of creepiness and misery. It was all too easy to imagine a monster walking out from one of the rooms.


Red and purple lights reflected on her skin as they came to a stop, and her breath fogged the glass as she leaned forward to look.


Her feet kicked the air as she looked from side to side, taking in everything with wide eyes. The curious joy on her face was the most heartwarming thing he had ever seen.


Broken twigs crunched underfoot and he paused, realizing just how alone he was out here. The ground was dimly lit by the milky glow of the moon, and his senses were good enough to alert him of a person coming but still, he felt vulnerable.


The impact was enough to throw him aside, but not enough to knock him unconscious. He was all too aware as hot pain seared his arm, ripping its way through his shoulder and into his brain.


Hope you enjoyed! I’d love to know which snippet was your favorite! 🙂

Keep creating!


It’s Okay To Be Scared

I have some exciting news! I gave my book to someone for feedback. Before her, only my family and three of my closest friends had ever seen it. I have been working on the series for two years and have written three drafts of the first book. It had gotten to the point where I wasn’t sure how much more I could do without an outside opinion. So it basically came down to two options for me and the book: Let someone critique it or drop the project. And after two years I had become far too attached to the series to just give it up. So I decided to let someone read it. And I think the decision is going to better my book by leaps and bounds. It’s only been three days, and the amount of critique I’ve gotten already is way more than anyone has ever given me previously and it’s opened my eyes to a lot of mistakes that I hadn’t noticed before.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is to not let your fears get in the way of progress. Even if it’s just a couple baby steps at a time, keep moving forward. There was a point in time where I couldn’t even share a vague sentence from my book without panicking. But very slowly, I’ve been able to overcome my fears. I know I still have a long way to go, and that it’s taken me three years to get to this point but I did get here. And so can you. Just take it one step at a time. And remember, it’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to stumble. Just don’t let fear stop you from doing what you love most. Take a deep breath, get back up, and keep pushing through. 🙂

My Top 5 Fictional Character Crushes

It’s Valentines Day! The day of love! Besides the fact that I don’t have a boyfriend… But guess what I do have! Fictional characters! And I guess that’s just as good right? Let’s dive right into my top 5 fictional character crushes! This list will be in no particular order.

1. Cas (The Altered Series by Jennifer Rush)


Cas is an all around great guy. He’s funny and funny, and did I mention FUNNY!!! He never stops joking and talking about food (which he loves). He’s also sweet, nice and cute. I think he would be really fun to hang out with. I love him so much. ❤

2. Lukas Vetti (The Orion Series by Anastasia Cross) (Link to Pinterest board here)


Luke is a nice guy. Everyone else thinks he’s a jerk (which, I guess he can be sometimes) but he has a good side. I know it. (Even though he insists he doesn’t). He’s also the bad boy type. And his sarcasm is on point. He’s sweet, even though he would never admit it.

3. Scott Skyy (Blue Skyys by Anastasia Cross) (Link to Pinterest board here)


Scott is just a really good guy. He’s sweet and he’s Christian which is a big plus for me. In a blog post Ana did on him (I’ll link it here) she said his core value was friendliness, and that ‘he believes in being kind to everyone no matter what’, which I agree with and really like. His favorite color is blue like the sky so high five! That’s my favorite color too!

And then there’s this from the blog post I mentioned above,

41. Life is an act of ______. How would he finish this sentence?

“Life is an act of living, because you kinda have to live to live…wait now I just confused myself…”

Isn’t he the cutest? XD

4. Nikolai Staunton (The Orion Series by Anastasia Cross) (Link to Pinterest board here)


Nik is Russian and he’s super cute. I mean, look at this.


How can you not love this?

Plus he’s really sweet, loyal, optimistic, thoughtful, and a Christian! He loves his family and friends. And butterfingers are his favorite candy! I LOVE butterfingers! *high fives* He’s the kind of guy I could totally see myself being best friends with.

5. Parker (from a story by one of my best friends, Alexa)

(sorry, she hasn’t found a picture for him yet but trust me, he’s adorable)

Parker. I can’t even with Parker. Okay first of all, I was there when he was named. And I also came up with his last name. And I was his first fangirl. (I have official claim to him so any other future fangirls should know that he’s mine) XD

He’s the bad boy type too, but I don’t think he’s as bad as people might think or say he is. He’s sweet. Love ya Parker! 😀

So those are my top 5 fictional character crushes! I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting a lot of them but I can’t think of any others at the moment.

Who are your top fictional character crushes? Let me know in the comments!

I’ll be back with another blog post soon! Until then, remember to keep writing!

Tips on Writing Villains

Hey guys! Today I will be sharing a few tips on how to write good villains. Let’s get started.

1. Give your villain a reason. They are not puppets that go around causing trouble for the fun of it. Even the most terrible, cruel, hated villain has a reason for doing the things they do. It could be something as simple as they were bullied at school when they were younger and thinks it’s okay to do it someone else. Or it could be something bigger. It doesn’t matter.

2. Your villain is a person, not a cardboard cut out. Give him hopes, dreams, maybe even a person he loves. Make him as intricate and thought out as your protagonist. Don’t make him flat. You have to love him if you want your readers to love him.

3. Give him likeable qualities. I’m not saying he has to go around being a model citizen or anything, but make sure he isn’t all gloom and doom. Show his soft side. Maybe he has a sibling that he cares about? He could be the most oppressing dictator there is and still care about animals. Show the side of him that can’t stand animal cruelty.

4. Give him morals. This ties in with the animal cruelty thing mentioned above. He could be an assassin, highly trained in his arts, but when sent to kidnap a child he won’t do it. Or maybe he won’t fight an unarmed man.

5. No monologue! Oh yes. We all know that speech the villain gives at the climax. As the hero is dragged up to him and chains, he looks down on him and says, “aha! Now I have you! There is no chance of escape! As long as you’re here and I’m going to kill you anyway, let me tell you the details of the plan you failed to foil!” No. Stop there. Delete it all. This is not a good idea. First of all, if the villain is at all smart he would know that there is a chance the hero will escape and then have all the details of the plan. And, it gives more time for the secondary character to get there and rescue them.

6. I just recently learned about this one. Give your villain a backup plan. I hadn’t really thought about it before but your hero always has a backup plan. Why shouldn’t the villain? What was he doing all those years while plotting his revenge? Surely he had time to think up a plan B.

7. The stereotypical dumb henchmen. Why would the villain hire these people in the first place? Instead of hiring minions that the hero can destroy in only a few moments, or guards who fall asleep on the job, he should hire people who give the hero a run for his money.

I hope these tips help and, as always, happy novel writing!

A Writer’s Joy

Many simple things give writers pleasure. At least, they seem simple to some. But they can be very fulfilling when writers experience them.

1. Notebooks, paper, pens, pencils. Never underestimate a pen and paper. Ink is really just a thousand landscapes and people waiting to leak through the tip onto the page which gives them a home. The written word is a beautiful and powerful thing, capable of influencing and changing hundreds of lives. When writers are around such objects they feel the need to own all of them.


2. Seeing pictures that remind you of your stories. Whether it’s one of your characters or a scene, writers love finding their creations in the real world. It is just amazing.

(Scrolling down page on Pinterest) Stop and stare at the screen happily because I JUST FOUND MY CHARACTER!!

3. Seeing a person or place in real life that reminds you of your stories. This is even better than a picture! It’s so exciting!


4. When your characters, out of the blue, willingly share secret details about themselves. It is incredible and things start fitting together. (warning, if this happens you may start smiling like an idiot and may even start talking to yourself. It’s incredible)


5. When you get inspiration on a part you have been stuck on for awhile. Total relief moment.

Admit it, we’ve all been there.

6. When you are talking to a friend and the friend says something like “Yeah, so and so happened the other day and it made me think of your character”. At least for me, it is wonderful to know that someone other than myself is thinking about my characters.


7. When a friend starts forming an attachment to one of your characters. It is amazing to know all the work you put into that book has paid off and that your characters are likable.

When you are talking about doing something bad to a character with your friend.

8. When someone reads your book and approves of it.

Awwwww, look at the cute hamster. Sorry let’s get back on track here.

9. When two characters that you’ve been wanting to get together or are together do something cute. This is a total Eeeeeeeeeeee! moment and you burst out smiling like an idiot and do a little squirm like ‘He’s so adorable and romantic’!

Eeeeeeeee! They’re holding hands! ❤

10. When you find a song that perfectly fits your story.


So yeah, those are some joys of being a writer.