World Book Day

I’m doing an extra post today because I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write a post for World Book Day! Here is a list of my favorite fiction novels (in no particular order) and my favorite characters in those novels.

1. Altered by Jennifer Rush


This book is about a girl, named Anna, who discovers that her father is keeping four boys in a lab in their basement. Anna starts to help her father in the lab, and forms an attachment to the boys, especially Sam. But one day, The Branch, the company her dad works for, comes to take the boys away. The boys stage an escape, which succeeds, and, at the request of her father, they take her with them.

This book was a quick and fun read! It is action packed and FULL of plot twists.

My favorite character is Cas. He was amazing and funny.


2. Divergent by Veronica Roth


This is about a girl who lives in dystopian Chicago. Her society is sorted into factions, each one valuing a different virtue. On Choosing Day, the sixteen year olds from each faction get to choose which faction they belong to, selfless Abnegation, brave Dauntless, kind and peaceful Amity, honest Candor, or smart Erudite. Tris doesn’t know what faction she belongs too. She doesn’t conform. She is Divergent, and that means her life is in danger.

My favorite character is the antagonist, Eric. He is such a good character and the best antagonist ever.


3. Insurgent by Veronica Roth


This is the sequel to Divergent. Because some people might not have read this book, and it would be hard to describe it without spoilers, I will skip the description. But if you haven’t read it, GO READ IT!!!

My favorite character was the same as in the last book, Eric, but Uriah was a good character too.


4. Chasing the Nightbird by Krista Russell


14 year old sailor Lucky Valera is just about to board a ship, when he is kidnapped by his older half brother, who claims guardianship over him and forces him to work at the mill, confiscating his earnings. Lucky meets an escaped slave by the name of Daniel, who is worried that the slave catchers are coming after him. Lucky desperately wants to escape his older brother’s custody and tries to find a way, making some new friends along the way.

I have no pictures of my favorite characters, but their names are Lucky and Fortuna. You’ll have to read it to see who I’m talking about.

And also, the book I’m reading right now. It’s not one of my favorites yet, but I wanted to include it anyway. I’m not very far into it, but I will summarize what I know as best I can.

Extraction by Stephanie Diaz


On the planet Kiel, the atmosphere has been destroyed by pollution, causing moonshine, an acid, to fall from the moon into their world. A force field has been built around the Surface, keeping the moonshine out. But life on the surface is hard. People are forced to labor in fields and face fear and starvation. The only chance to escape the Surface, is being chosen for extraction. But that is rare. If you aren’t chosen, you are marked for replacement, which means that you will be killed when they have someone to replace you. 16 year old Clementine is now old enough to go through extraction testing. But even if she is chosen for extraction, she will have to leave her boyfriend Logan, who was turned down two years ago and now faces replacement.

Those are the books that I have been into lately. Let me know in the comments section if you have read any of the books I listed. Happy World Book Day!

Disclaimer- the pictures used in this post are not mine and they remain copyrighted to their respective owners. I do not mean to infringe upon anyone’s copyright.


My Favorite Books

Today I will be listing a bunch of my favorite books and sorting them into categories. If you’re running low on reading material, maybe you will find these as enjoyable as I have. Let’s get started.

Books To Help You Write.

Spilling Ink: A Young Writer’s Handbook by Ellen Potter and Anne Mazer. This book is WONDERFUL! If you are a young writer looking to learn some tricks of the trade this book is a definite read. It is fun, easy to read, and the authors offer lots of tips on writing. One of the best parts about it (for me at least) is it’s open and friendly feel. If you’ve been feeling different because you’re a writer, come here and you will know that somebody out there understands what it is like.

Writing Magic: creating stories that fly by Gail Carson Levine is another one that I read when I was first starting to write. It is another instructional book on writing.

The New Baby Name Survey by Bruce Lansky. This is one of my favorite name books. It gives you tons of names along with a list of famous people with the same name and a description of what people normally associate with the name. In my mind, it is one of the best name books out there.

Books I Love.

The Maze Runner series by James Dashner. Synopsis- “A boy wakes up in a strange place, surrounded by strange people, with no memory of who he is or where he came from. As time goes on, he finds that all the people around him have the same memory loss. Strange things are happening in the place he now finds himself in, and it seems he is the cause of it all.” There are three books in the series titled The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, and The Death Cure. There is also a prequel called The Kill Order and in 2016 another book, called The Fever Code, is being released.

Chasing the Nightbird By Krista Russell-  Synopsis- “14 year old Lucky Valera is a whaler, who loves the sea and is planning on going with the whaling ship called The Nightbird, when he is kidnapped by his hostile half brother, who claims guardianship over him since their father died. Lucky’s brother forces him to work in a mill, stopping him from leaving with The Nightbird. But Lucky is determined to escape, even though his brother isn’t making it easy for him. At the mill, he befriends an escaped slave by the name of Daniel, who is afraid people are going to come and take him back to slavery. Will Lucky escape his older brother? And will be Daniel captured?” This book is a favorite of mine. I loved it so much.

The Clay Marble by Minfong Ho- I haven’t read this book in a long time, so excuse me if my synopsis is off, but this was one of my favorite books when I was littler so I will try my best to describe it to you. “12 year old Dara travels with her family to the Thai border. They are fugitives in a war torn Cambodia after the fall of Khmer Rouge. At the border, they meet another family, and Dara makes a friend named Jantu, who gives her a magic clay marble. Life is good, until fighting nearby forces them to flee and Dara finds herself separated from everything she loves.”

A Treasury of Christmas Tales- I’m not sure who the author of this book is but every year at Christmas time when I was younger, my mom would take out this book and read from it. It has a collection of different, short Christmas stories in it and it was a family tradition that I loved.

The Book I am Reading Now

Legend by Marie Lu- I haven’t gotten very far in this book, so I can’t really give a synopsis of it. Sorry. :/

So those are my reading suggestions. Till next time, and may many hours of reading be between then and now.