Why I Write

All day today on Twitter there had been a hashtag going around called #WhyIWrite and I thought that I would do a quick blog post letting you guys know why I write.

I write because I am compelled to. Whether I do it because I love it, or want to uphold my reputation, or because I really want to be doing it, or maybe a mixture of all of these I may never know but there is one thing I do know. If I ever did try to quit, I don’t think I would be able to. Not completely. I see the world differently from others. I see stories in everything. In faces, in parks, in water fountains and in the people on the streets passing by. I write to capture all of those moments and to give them life.

I write so that, one day, I might not have to live in the world I created by myself. Hopefully other people will be able to join me eventually. I write so that someday, my characters can make people laugh, smile, and cry, and maybe teach them something. I write to make others feel things. I write to get the movie in my head down on paper where other people can see it too.

I write because I can’t help but embellish things, make them prettier. I see the beauty in everything and I can’t help but put that beauty on paper.

I write for the snarky lines of dialogue that make me smile and for the rush of excitement I get when I know I wrote a sentence just right. For the comments my characters make in my head as I’m going about my day to day life. I write for the adrenaline rushes I sometimes get when something awesome is happening in my book and I’m so involved that it’s as if I’m actually there.

I write for the places I can go without ever leaving my bedroom. I write to experience the adventures I would never have otherwise. In my writing I can lead a rebellion, fall in love, sneak into enemy territory, feel the rush of winter wind against my cheeks even when it’s summer. I write to find new worlds and explore them, to meet new characters and get to know them: to fall in love with them.

I write to share my view of the world with other people. To tell them how I feel, what I believe and what my ideals are. Hopefully, my writing will inspire someone, or even just make their life a little brighter. I want my writing to be able to make someone smile when they are sad. I write for those possibilities.

I write because I cannot, will not, leave my characters homeless. Because there are so many unexplored places to put them. Because there are so many adventures just waiting to be had. And even though sometimes being a writer can be the most frustrating job on the whole planet , and sometimes it makes me want to scream and give up and sulk about how unfair life is and how hard it is to be a writer, I always manage to find the times that give me hope and make me keep writing. And I’m pretty sure I will never stop.

I write because it is who I am. The words live inside me, and the only way to get them out is by channeling them onto paper. I write because I have to. I write because I love it. And I will never give it up.