A Writer’s Joy

Many simple things give writers pleasure. At least, they seem simple to some. But they can be very fulfilling when writers experience them.

1. Notebooks, paper, pens, pencils. Never underestimate a pen and paper. Ink is really just a thousand landscapes and people waiting to leak through the tip onto the page which gives them a home. The written word is a beautiful and powerful thing, capable of influencing and changing hundreds of lives. When writers are around such objects they feel the need to own all of them.


2. Seeing pictures that remind you of your stories. Whether it’s one of your characters or a scene, writers love finding their creations in the real world. It is just amazing.

(Scrolling down page on Pinterest) Stop and stare at the screen happily because I JUST FOUND MY CHARACTER!!

3. Seeing a person or place in real life that reminds you of your stories. This is even better than a picture! It’s so exciting!


4. When your characters, out of the blue, willingly share secret details about themselves. It is incredible and things start fitting together. (warning, if this happens you may start smiling like an idiot and may even start talking to yourself. It’s incredible)


5. When you get inspiration on a part you have been stuck on for awhile. Total relief moment.

Admit it, we’ve all been there.

6. When you are talking to a friend and the friend says something like “Yeah, so and so happened the other day and it made me think of your character”. At least for me, it is wonderful to know that someone other than myself is thinking about my characters.


7. When a friend starts forming an attachment to one of your characters. It is amazing to know all the work you put into that book has paid off and that your characters are likable.

When you are talking about doing something bad to a character with your friend.

8. When someone reads your book and approves of it.

Awwwww, look at the cute hamster. Sorry let’s get back on track here.

9. When two characters that you’ve been wanting to get together or are together do something cute. This is a total Eeeeeeeeeeee! moment and you burst out smiling like an idiot and do a little squirm like ‘He’s so adorable and romantic’!

Eeeeeeeee! They’re holding hands! ❤

10. When you find a song that perfectly fits your story.


So yeah, those are some joys of being a writer.


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