Nanowrimo and Writer’s Block

Some of you may already know but this month is Nanowrimo. Nanowrimo stands for National Writing Month and the goal is to complete a novel and reach your word count within the month of November.

This is my first year doing Nanowrimo and I have a bit of writer’s block. 😞 Let me tell you writer’s block isn’t fun. It makes you want to do this

Come on words!
Come on words!

Uhggg…. writer’s block. You’d think it would be easy for people who enjoy writing to write. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. So let me offer five tips on how to overcome writer’s block.

1. Take a break. If you find yourself staring at that computer screen and you can’t think of the next word or the thought of sitting in that chair any longer makes you want to scream take a break. Go for a walk, clear your head, then return. Maybe this will help.

2. Write a fanfic on your story. It will get you back to the roots and make you remember why you started the story in the first place.

3. Is there a point in the story where things started to go wrong? Go back and see if you can find what went wrong. Maybe you made one of your characters do something they didn’t really want to do. Maybe you’ve ignored one of them for too long (it’s happened to me). Maybe the story really ended ten pages back.

4. One of the tips I’ve heard many times is just start writing. Anything. Open up a blank document (or get a fresh sheet of paper) and just start writing. It could be a list of the things that happened to you that day or a bunch of random facts about something you like. Just let any random words flow out onto the paper. Who knows? You might find a gem in those bunch of sentences.

5. Read. Read, read, read. It will help you see how published writers put their books together. You will be able to study character development and how stories should flow. And it might give you ideas for your own book in the process.

So there you are! I wish you the best of luck overcoming your writer’s block. Whether it’s for Nanowrimo or not. And remember…9f54f14e47b293a2920d10c645153b01

Good luck!! 🙂


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