Movie Review: Freaks

It's the morning after Christmas and I can't sleep. I'm scrolling through Netflix at one in the morning trying to find something to occupy my time while I wait for the insomnia to release me so I can sleep. I had originally planned on sinking some time into Ink Masters and maybe finishing season 2 … Continue reading Movie Review: Freaks

Happy Sixth Birthday to #K1Dystopian

I had been planning on releasing this post on its actual birthday but I got sick so that didn't work out. I'm still sick, but wanted to write it up anyway. Six years ago, on November 18, 2014, the first draft of #K1Dystopian was finished. It was my first ever NaNoWriMo project, and was 80,674 … Continue reading Happy Sixth Birthday to #K1Dystopian

Introduction to Kinders: Meet Armstrong!

Richard Armstrong is a demanding and authoritative KDD soldier. He is the oldest of my cast, in his late forties, and often times presents as a mentor in the group and a father figure to Simond. During the Kinder Terrorist War, Armstrong served in the military with Anton Chaevik, Simond's father. When the war came … Continue reading Introduction to Kinders: Meet Armstrong!

Introduction to Kinders: Meet Lucas!

Since it's Halloween, we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to introduce my story's main antagonist, Lucas! Known for being a tactful and merciless KDD soldier and scientist, Lucas' sole mission is to protect the world and those he cares for from what he perceives to be their biggest threat: Kinders and the dangers they pose … Continue reading Introduction to Kinders: Meet Lucas!