Introduction to Kinders: Meet Earl!

Every story needs a moody cinnamon roll side character. The tortured, cynical, anxious one. Enter Earl!

He also may or may not also be my favorite… shhhh don’t tell the others….

Earl is a troubled and secretive young man with an abusive past that causes him to fear and avoid others, especially adults and those in authority. He struggles to connect and form meaningful relationships with his peers, and prefers to seek solace in his own mind. He wages war with his mind and the often anxious and self-destructive thoughts that creep in, which are only exasperated by the whisperings of his abuser that still linger in his psyche.

awwww look at my bb he’s happyyy :3

Earl was born in England, but has lived in Russia for the last five years. He was forced to learn Russian upon arrival but, despite both studying and interacting with the culture for years, is a poor speaker due to his lack of genuine interest. He loves reading, and takes any chance he can get to pick up a book. He also enjoys long walks by himself to contemplate and sort through the tangled mess of his thoughts and emotions.

Here are a few of Earl’s excerpts from the book!

‘Jealousy and longing flickered in Earl’s eyes for a moment, only to be replaced seconds later by something darker and hotter. “You’re lucky,” he muttered. “I wish I had been protected.”

“No, you don’t. Trust me, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.” Earl stopped in his tracks and turned to face him. Simond stopped abruptly to keep from crashing into him.

“All due respect,” Earl stated, “but you have no idea how bad it could have been.”


‘“I don’t know who you’re used to dealing with or if you’re really just this arrogant, but the world doesn’t revolve around you,” Earl growled. “Other people exist in it, and they don’t live just to please you.”’


‘“This is a more direct way,” Earl said. “I can see a trail.”

“There’s nothing there.”

“Not for you. But I’m a pathfinder.”

“Sorry, I’m not up to date on Kinder lingo. What the heck is a pathfinder?”

“I can see light trails on the ground,” Earl said.  “I focus on a person and their trail takes me right to them. It was really annoying when I was little and couldn’t control it. There were paths everywhere.”


“Earl!” she cried. Hopping from the bed, she ran to him. She hit him at full speed, nearly knocking him over with the force of her hug. He pulled her close, feeling her tears against his shirt as she snuggled into him. After a moment, he pushed her back and brushed a hand over her face. There were no signs of the abuse he had worried about. She glowed, her grin cheery and wide.


 ‘He stole a glance outside as one of the soldiers knocked on a black door. Beyond the pane dulled with frost it was snowing, and the sun peeked shyly from behind frozen grey clouds. Wisps of frostbitten grass quivered in the arctic wind. He longed to feel the breeze’s comforting kiss again.’


‘“Normals are all alike,” Earl grumbled, crossing his arms. “They don’t care about anyone or anything but themselves.”’


“Oooooh! Earl look!” She bounced in his arms and swung a hand around to point out a glowing display in a window. Red and green lights reflected on her skin as they stopped next to it, and her breath fogged up the glass as she leaned forward to look.

“Those are Christmas lights,” Earl said with a smile. She furrowed her tiny brow in confusion as they continued.

“What’s Christmas?” The smile on Earl’s face vanished, and he didn’t answer.


In everything, Earl gives 110% of himself. He is self sacrificing to the point of destruction. He is closed off and naturally difficult to read, a coping mechanism he developed over the years, which turns most people off of him. At the same time, he is highly disciplined and is able to put on a front to fit in with those around him when he so choses.

An Introduction to Kinders: Meet Simond!

Welcome to the world of Kinders! The idea for this book first came to me sometime in the last few weeks of October 2014, so it seems fitting to be releasing more details about it now in October nearly six years later. Kinders was my first NaNoWriMo project, and one that I completed in 18 days with 81,000 words. The idea came to me while scrolling through Pinterest (where all great ideas come from of course), and I stumbled across this pin and caption.

“They were each locked up, not for some crime they had committed, but for their sheer existence. They were the Prisoners of Fear, the fear of what they were capable of if they really tried…”  I have no idea whose quote this is but if you know please tell me so I can credit them!

From there, I started to think about the basic idea of a world in which people with special powers were feared and hunted by their normal counterparts. It was very X-Men-y at first, but has since been developed into something that is so much more! After six years working on this project, it is currently in it’s eighth draft and things are getting serious!

I thought I’d do a quick introduction to my protagonist, Simond!

Simond, a chaotic and sometimes abrasive telekinetic, will do anything in the pursuit of becoming an accepted member of society. He dreams of the day when Normals and Kinders will be able to live together in peace. He has a good heart, but his unfiltered speech and egotistical attitude often get him in trouble, both with others of his kind, and Normals.

Face-Claim for my dude! : D

Here are a few of my favorite Simond excerpts from the book:

The comforting flicker of his powers woke him from his trance, flowing through him like blissful adrenaline. He focused on the sensation, letting everything else fall away until all he could feel was their familiar glow. The panic began to ebb as a few small sticks which had been laying on the ground next to him levitated into the air. It was exhilarating to use his powers in such an open place. A new energy filling him, he dropped them and steeled himself against the cold. There was still a little daylight left, and he was going to use every second of it searching for a way across.


The snowy land sped by as they left the town behind. Soon their view was nothing but a tangle of blurry shrubs and leafless trees. At least a foot of snow had fallen overnight. It was beautiful, and he smiled. Maybe someday his country would love him as much as he loved it.


The paper had faded over time, but it was still easy enough to see the depicted buildings. They were small, most of them falling apart. Tanks rolled down the street and soldiers walked beside them. People lined the sidewalks, watching with solemn faces as the young men marched by; murderers in disguise. On the streets hung Nazi flags. Lucy stopped beside him and followed his gaze to the picture. “World War Two,” he said. “You’d think we’d have learned our lesson.”


Simond glared at her. He wasn’t leaving until he’d won. Earl let out a cry of surprise as Simond put his hand out and telekinetically pushed him from the ring. For a moment, Lucy looked as if she was about to rush to Earl’s side but then her glare returned to Simond and her eyes narrowed. Anger burned deep within her. Simond smiled, knowing he’d struck a chord. “Kinders don’t use their powers on each other unless it’s consented or necessary,” she growled. “And that was neither.”

“Well then, I suppose you’ll have to put me in my place.” She took a deep, focusing breath and stepped back into the ring.


You have five seconds. One! Two!” Simond was on his feet before the man had a chance to take things any further. Immediately, guns swiveled his direction, at least a dozen trained on him.

“I’m their leader,” he said. With Jules having disappeared and no one else having the guts to claim the role, he knew he was the only chance that kid had of not getting a bullet in his head.

Simond is, in all, a sensitive and passionate individual. He yearns for a place where he will be accepted and belong. He has a deep sense of right and wrong and is willing to risk everything to uphold his beliefs. Although he has a thing or two to learn about humility and tact, he is a genuinely caring person and friend.

Fiction Podcasts

There are copious amounts of lifestyle and celebrity focused podcasts out there, but it’s taken me awhile to find good story driven podcasts. In my opinion, fiction podcasts need to be talked about and created more. They are an incredible subsection of storytelling that go widely ignored by the fiction consuming community. Furthermore, most of the story podcasts that exist are based in the horror genre, which leaves out a lot of people (such as myself) who can’t stomach horror for one reason or another. But through hours spent digging and researching and listening to different podcasts, these two have really stuck out to me as the best I’ve found so far.

One of the first story podcasts I found was Blackout, presented by QCode in association with Endeavor Audio. It follows Simon Itani, a radio DJ from a small town in New Hampshire, and his family as they traverse an upturned world after the power goes out across America. The sound effects are superb and the sound mixing is done really well. The story is intense and gripping without being scary. It feels real. The only downfall to this podcast is that it seems incomplete. And maybe there are episodes that I’m missing that I haven’t been able to find. But overall it’s a very engaging and well written story.

The second podcast I want to mention is The Bright Sessions, presented by Luminary. It’s hard to explain this one without giving away everything, so I’ll keep it brief. It’s told through sessions recorded by Dr. Bright as she teaches people with strange abilities how to control their powers and administers therapy for their unusual circumstances. But there’s something more to this doctor, something that she isn’t willing, or maybe able, to discuss with her patients. The format of this podcast was something that pulled me in from the start. The way the story was revealed through therapy sessions was a new way of receiving a story that I’d never experienced before. The characters are engaging and believable, and the mystery that slowly unravels pulled me in and kept me listening.

Those are the two story podcasts I’ve been listening to recently. If you’ve listened to either of them, I’d love to hear your thoughts and have discussion about them in the comments! Is there another story podcast you’ve been enjoying? I’d love to find more so feel free to drop suggestions in the comments!

My Favorite Vegan Products

I’ve been vegan for about three weeks now, and gluten free for over a month. It’s been an incredible journey, and I’ve felt so good. There are some products that have made this experience easier though, so I thought I’d share my findings with you so it will be easier for anyone else who wants to try the vegan lifestyle.

I never expected vegans to be able to eat so many things! I think that’s what’s probably shocked me the most so far. So far I’ve had a bigger and wider variety of food intake after going vegan than I’d had before. I actually enjoy food now, and it gives me something to do when I feel like it. I think the biggest misconception I’d had was that in order to be vegan I needed to cook every meal, and I’d never be able to just grab something and go. That is so false! Here are some of my favorite easy, premade vegan products that makes eating a more natural diet so much less time consuming.

  1. Kitehill Cream Cheese: I never thought vegans would be able to eat cream cheese or any kind of cheese for that matter. But we can! Kitehill cream cheese is vegan and tastes like actual cream cheese when I put it on toast. It’s so cool!
  2. Trader Joe’s Organic Creamy Cashew Fiesta Dip: It’s a vegan cheese dip alternative and it is SO yummy. I might even like it better than actual cheese dip. Just try it. You won’t regret it.
  3. SO Delicious Salted Caramel Cashew Milk Ice Cream: Vegan, creamy, cold, and delicious! I like it better than dairy milk. It’s the best ice cream I’ve ever had!
  4. Lara Bars: A decent amount of protein, especially if you get the kind with extra protein, and they’re so good! Plus they usually have no more than six ingredients and they’re natural.
  5. Figs: They are packed full of protein and taste pretty good!
  6. Chips & Salsa: So good, so spicy (if you’re into that), and very vegan in almost all cases.
  7. Cereal and Non-Dairy Milk: I love Trader Joe’s Maple Ladders (which aren’t made with gluten) with Oatly Oat Milk. It’s so good and tastes like actual milk when put with cereal. I don’t know if I could tell the difference. Oat milk has a thicker, creamier consistency and a sweet taste, unlike almond milk which is usually pretty watery.
  8. Fruit Popsicles: I prefer Outshine fruit popsicles but I’m sure there are others out there. Who’s to say vegans can’t enjoy the sweeter side of life?
  9. Premade Plant Based Burgers: Just pop one on the stove, let it heat up, and voila! You’ve got a tasty vegan meal! Eat it plain or put it on a bun to make a burger!
  10. Fruits and Nuts: Most of the time, fruit isn’t hard to prepare. Wash it, cut, toss it all together in a salad and enjoy! Add in some nuts for a protein packed snack!

I’ve been asked what I eat as someone who is gluten free and vegan. They think somehow I’m missing out. But the world of food has opened up to me so much since putting aside meat and animal products. The world is full of food, a lot of which is vegan! And the best part, it’s so healthy! It’s better for your health, the planet, and the animals. And it’s much easier than people think! 🙂


Songs Of The Week

Here’s how this is going to go down. Once a week I’m going to give you guys some music to listen to. It might be one of my favorites, songs from my childhood, something attached to certain memories, or what I’ve had on repeat that week. I love music and sharing my favs with people so I figured this would be the perfect way to do that!


The past few days I’ve been listening to The Social on repeat. I’ve been following one of the band members, Keaton Stromberg, since I was twelve. Back then he was part of a band called Emblem3, which has since split up, but his music has still grown and evolved over the years. He has such a unique voice that I could listen to forever, and his songs have enough variety that I can relate to them through a multitude of life’s experiences and emotions. It’s kinda cool to me that I’ve been able to keep mostly connected to his music for so many of my teenage years. It feels like his style has been growing and evolving with me. It’s also exciting to have a new project coming from him and hopefully teaming up with other people again will only enhance the creativity. So far The Social is rocking it! Their singles are great for dancing and singing along to, and also perfect for those hot, window down, wind in your hair summer drives or beach days. They’ll definitely be going on my summer 2019 playlist. Out of their three singles, these two are definitely my favorite and the ones I’ve been listening to the most.

Everything’s Alright

Dancing On The Moon


The other artist I’ve been listening to on repeat is Twenty One Pilots. I got to see them in concert on the 31st of May (that’s a blog post for the future), so I played their songs over and over again in preparation for the big night. And now my voice hurts from screaming so much at the concert and I can’t sing anymore until I recover, but it was so worth it. I loved every second of it. Here are some of my most listened to TØP songs of the week.

Nico and the Niners


Cut My Lip

This might turn into a bimonthly series instead of being weekly. I’ll have to see. But for now I’m looking forward to sharing music with ya’ll! I’d also love to grow my repertoire of music so if any of you have suggestions, I’d love to give them a listen. Feel free to let me know what songs you’ve been jamming out to and what you think of my picks. Let’s have a music discussion! 😀

Betta Fish Care

Betta fish are a very popular pet but unfortunately, not many people know how to properly care for them. There is a lot of misinformation out there about bettas, so here are some things for you to know before getting one, or if you currently have one and feel underprepared.

  1. Bettas need a filter. Although they can breath air from the surface due to their labyrinth organ, it is a supplemental function. Having a filter will help keep the water aerated, and will keep the water cleaner, which bettas need.
  2. Since bettas are tropical fish, their water temperature should be kept between 78 and 80 degrees. If they do not have the right temperature they can become lethargic and unhappy.
  3. Bettas stomachs are about the size of their eyeball, which means they need very little food. Over feeding can lead to problems with their swim bladder. The swim bladder is the organ that helps them regulate their buoyancy. When they eat too much their bloated stomach will push up against the swim bladder causing it to stop working properly.
  4. Don’t use plastic plants in your tank, instead use fabric or real ones. The plastic decorations, even the ones with smooth edges, can cut and tatter their fins.
  5. Bettas love decorations and plants to hide in. Make sure to give them plenty of places to take cover and feel safe.
  6. Don’t be alarmed if there are tiny white bubbles forming on the top of your tank, especially if they’re in clumps. These are bubble nests! Bettas will make them when they’re happy and healthy. 🙂
  7. Bettas do NOT live in puddles in the wild. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about them. In the wild, they live in rice paddies, river basins, and slow moving streams. This means that they need more at the VERY minimum 3 gallons of water to swim in. 5 to 10 gallons or bigger is much more preferable.
  8. Bettas have incredible personalities! They are funny and spunky and can form bonds with people. Mine have always swam up to the front of the tank to greet me and I swear my first one, Leo, knew his name. They can also be trained to do tricks like jumping up to take food off your finger and swimming through obstacle courses.
  9. Make bettas should never be housed with other bettas unless you’re planning on breeding them. If you are planning on breeding them, the male and female should only be kept together for a short period and need to be closely monitored at all times. Bettas are very aggressive, and can still get into fights and kill each other even when spawning. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t have tank mates, you just have to be careful what kinds of fish you keep with them. There are lots of articles on this that you can find to help you out and I might even do one in the future. Female bettas can sometimes be housed together in a sorority, although even this can be risky and must be monitored to make sure they get along well.

Hopefully this helps you with caring for your fish! I’ve rescued multiple over the years and nursed them back to health. They are such an incredible species that not many people know how to properly care for. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any more questions about Betta fish. I love talking and helping people understand more about them and their needs. Just as a disclaimer, I am in no way of professional. Make sure to read multiple sites and do plenty of research before getting your own Betta fish. Good luck! 🙂

How to Train A Dog

Dogs. Man’s best friend. But if not taught the proper behaviors, they can quickly become man’s worst nightmare. Most people either don’t take the time or simply don’t have the knowledge to properly train their canine companion, which can lead to an unhappy dog and equally unhappy owners.

Dogs are just like toddlers. They don’t know up from down or right from wrong and have to be carefully taught what is and is not acceptable. You can’t expect dogs to be perfectly behaved without guidance from their parents. Aka you!

Make sure to set strict boundaries for your dog. Our much loved pets still share some of the natural instincts of their more aggressive ancestors. In the wild, dogs form packs, and our pets do the same with the members of their household. There are the leaders and the followers. If you’re not careful, you could end up on the bottom of the pile, and your dog could become the one in charge. There are however some steps you can take to avoid this.

Give your dog a schedule. He will eat at certain times during the day. Do not leave his food bowl out all day so he can eat when he chooses. When you give him his food, make him follow a command like sit or down before giving him the food. This way he learns he has to follow you and do what you want, before he gets his food. This instills in his mind that you are the alpha, and you are in control.

Always eat before your dog and let them see you eating. Do not give them any. In the wild the alphas of the pack eat first and then the lesser members eat what’s left. You can give your dog some of your leftovers after you finish, but make sure you put it in the food bowl. Do not give anything straight from the table.

Try not to make eye contact with the dog and, if you do, make sure you aren’t the first one to look away. Staring contests are a way that dogs assert dominance. If you are the loser of the staring contest, it could hurt your standing in the pack.

When reprimanding your dog, do not yell. Instead make your voice loud and authoritative, but controlled. Do not show fear or doubt that the dog will follow your commands. They can sense all of your emotions, and it will have an impact on their response.

Do not overuse the word no! Overtime, it can become like a name and the dog won’t respond to it in the right way. Instead, pepper in other sounds. A sharp ‘Eh eh’! sound will work as it’s not pleasant for the dog to hear and will usually snap it out of whatever behavior it’s doing at the time.

Don’t lie down on the floor and let your dog stand above you. Always be physically higher than your dog. Dos show dominance by standing over another dog. The submissive dog will then lie down and let the other one stand above it. Anytime you are physically lower than your pet it can be read as a sign of submission. Never be the one of the bottom.

If you’re having a problem with hyperactivity and/or chewing, make sure you’re taking your dog for walks multiple times a day. Destructive behavior can be due to boredom and an excess of energy. Tire your dog out and they won’t have the energy to destroy things.

When your dog nips or puts his teeth on you, yell ‘ouch!’ as loud as you can. The sound will disturb the dog and cause some discomfort, as their hearing is much more tuned than ours. Do not interact with the dog for awhile after and pretend like you’re crying. It will also show that you are sad and in pain, which the dog can sense.

When your dog starts tugging on the leash during walks, there are techniques to stop the behavior. You never want the dog to lead the walk. The one who leads the walk, leads the packs. Ultimately, your pet wants to go forward, so the best way to stop this behavior is to take that away from them. When the dog starts pulling, turn around and take them the other direction. This will snap their mind out of it and get them refocused. Plus they will begin to realize that they must follow your lead or they will never get where they want to go.

Hopefully this helps you with training your precious pup! Once your pet is well trained and performs good behaviors like they’re second nature, feel free to break some of these rules. Now I must put a disclaimer that I am not a professional and my advice can only be taken in supplement to actual professional dog training.

The Details on Retail(s)

Oh come on. Tell me you haven’t ever wanted to add an extra letter to a title to make it catchier.

I think it’s fair to say no one really knows what they’re getting into when they take on their first job in retail. There’s little that could prepare you other than experiencing first hand the onslaught of the worst humanity has to offer. But for the sakes of you poor souls who are thinking of wandering unarmed into this terrifying world, I’m here to give you a metaphorical machete to hack your way through the thick vegetation and maybe even to help you slay some of the dangerous predators you encounter. (In no way am I condoning violence even though sometimes the world of retail may temp you.) So brace yourself, you bold, brave people. Here are some things you need to know to prepare you for what lies ahead.

  1. Always be aware. Bosses and coworkers may seem nice, or even mean at first, but keep your guard up. Give everyone time to let their true colors show. The nice ones may turn out to be mean and the mean ones may turn out to be nice.
  2. Always be kind to your coworkers, even if they don’t treat you with the same respect. These are the people you’ll be spending most of your time with from now on (or at least it’ll feel like it) so stay on their good sides. They can make your life a living nightmare.
  3. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
  4. Scout out the best place to cry. Somewhere secluded where you can be alone in your misery. Trust me, you’ll be coming back to this place time and time again, so choose wisely.
  5. As your time in the trenches wears on, you’ll start to discover your true allies and closest confidants. These will be the people you rejoice at seeing when you walk in for your shift and also the main focus of point number 6.
  6. Make sure you have at least one very close, trusted coworker whom you can vent to in private. Having someone to share your frustrations about the workplace with is important.
  7. Never get caught trashing anyone. Trust me, it will only make whatever you were complaining about worse.
  8. If you get mad at your boss, take a break and type a letter out on your phone of all the things you wish you could say to him/her. Get passionate. Let it all out. Don’t send it (unless you want to be fired). Take a deep breath and go back inside, feeling a little bit better.
  9. Always be wary of fitting rooms. It’s where the bad stuff happens. During the summer the fitting rooms get really hot. They smell like sweat, cafeteria food, fabric (oh yes the clothes have their own smell and you’ll realize it too after awhile), urine, and some horrible unidentified smell. What’s worse is when some moron thinks it’d be funny to somehow lock the door from the inside and crawl out from under. Guess what that means. You’ll be sliding under that door, arming crawling on the exact floor that you know some old sweaty guy with warts urinated on not two days ago. And let’s be real, no one ever cleans up the way they should. And after all that work climbing under the door, you find a pair of damp jeans on the other side, that’s when you know you’re getting the full retail experience.
  10. A huge portion of theft happens in the fitting rooms. Check those things often. People have lots of tricks to hide the evidence so be thorough. From my experience, people tend to steal things out of the family stalls or the handicapped stalls the most. Those ones are the sketchiest.
  11. While you’re walking through the store, doing your job, and minding your own business, occasionally you’ll come across an area that smells strongly of urine or feces. Feel free to try to locate the source of the smell, but chances are you’ll never find it no matter how hard you try.
  12. When a customer asks to speak to a manager, realize that’s sometimes your manager will break policy just to appease them. It’ll make you look like you have no idea what you’re talking about, and you’ll be upset that your manager didn’t stick up for you, but the ‘customers always right’.
  13. When a customers asks to speak to a manager, sometimes the manager will actually stick up for you and tell them that you were right. When that happens you will feel so good about yourself.
  14. Your managers are adults with consciouses who also have lives. Hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to get at least one of them who acts like it.
  15. You may find yourself making friends with all the people who aren’t in your department. It sucks sometimes, but it can be really cool and it definitely makes the break room more fun.
  16. In order to get through the day, sometimes you may have to bend the rules and goof off a bit (in a semi-productive way and only for a little bit of course). For example, when I’m getting overwhelmed or fed up at work, I color coordinate our folded tables. It’s not asked of me and not a requirement, but it makes the tables look so much nicer and gives me a moment to relax.
  17. You might develop a flirty relationship with a coworker. This will make the days you’re working together much more bearable, but keep your workplace’s rules about dating coworkers in mind just in case things get more serious.
  18. You will find things on the sales floor that you always assumed people would be thoughtful enough to take care of themselves. I’ve found chewed up gum stuck to a mannequin display. One time I had to clean up a soft serve ice cream cone sitting on another display. When I picked it up the bottom fell off and melted chocolate ice cream spilled out everywhere. Another time someone had placed a Starbucks cup half filled with a purple-red liquid on top of a rack of one of our most expensive clothing brands. Things will get messy, and you will be expected to clean it up.
  19. Even though some of the customers you serve will be stupid, idiotic, backwoods, neanderthals with an IQ of zero, there will always be the really really good ones that make everything worth it. You’ll start to recognize the regulars, and they’ll start to recognize you. You wouldn’t think that something as simple as being a sales floor associate at your local retail store could actually impact someone’s life. And I mean, it’s probably not a huge impact, but I like to think that we can and do, have an effect on people’s days. It can make your heart feel so full. Sometimes you get to have that interaction that makes it all worth it.

Dear Leaders

Dear corporate leaders, when was the last time you took a moment to stop and ask your employees what you can do to help? Now take it a step further, when was the last time you sought action on their suggestions, and followed through to try and fix their problems?

Recently one of my new favorite TV shows has been a series called New Amsterdam. The main character is a doctor in charge of a huge hospital and, of his own free will and mostly to his detriment, he throws aside all common practices and restrictions to make the system a better environment for his doctors and patients alike. When I first saw it, I asked myself the question, why don’t more leaders do this? And then I thought up an answer: It would never work, it’s just unrealistic in the real world. But I want to stop and challenge that notion.

Why is it so impossible? If more managers did this, the lives of both employees and customers would be improved. If leaders treated their lower ranked associates as information collectors and idea machines instead of casting them aside and making them feel like they’re worth less; maybe systems would improve. We need more room within our job environments to explore and challenge ourselves, always looking past the status quo and thinking up new ways to grow. And the only way this can happen is if more leaders: corporate, boss, and manager, whatever your title may be, started asking the questions; How can I help? How can I improve this situation? You’re out here everyday doing the job so tell me, what’s working and what isn’t? What needs fixing? Your experience is valued and your knowledge appreciated.

There needs to be less cookie cutter molding and more gentle folding to accommodate the needs of each business because no business is the same. The clientele is diverse, and the size of businesses varied. There’s not one plan that will work the same for every business under a corporate umbrella. So it’s time to break the mold and free the people. For when leaders listen, when the voices of the lowest are heard, that’s when change begins to happen. And when change begins to happen, that’s when failures morph into a shining example. So let me ask you, leaders in your field, those who have the power to make positive changes in not only your employees day to day lives, but in those of your customers as well. What would it hurt to ask; What can I do to help? And listen.

50 Activities To Do When Bored

Everyone gets bored, but seldom does a person know who to cure boredom. (If you do, please tell me your secrets.) Here is a list of things to do when you don’t know what to do. Hopefully one of these activities sparks your interest or captures your imagination!

  1. Go outside, lay on the ground, and look up at the sky. It’s so pretty!
  2. Pretend you’re in a movie or a book. Go on an adventure!
  3. Walk up to a stranger and start a conversation (But please be safe while doing so)
  4. Get out some art supplies and draw something. Post it on social media and challenge others to do the same!
  5. Try a new food
  6. Go to a park
  7. Play with your pet. (If you have one.)
  8. Paint your nails
  9. Do your hair
  10. Take a warm shower or bath and relax
  11. Read that book you’ve been meaning to read for the past couple years
  12. Play a videogame
  13. Play a different video game
  14. Make the most amazingly complex sandwich you’ve ever seen. Post a picture on social media if you want to impress your friends with your culinary prowess
  15. Text or call someone you haven’t seen in awhile. If you’re feeling bold, ask to come over to their house
  16. Go dancing
  17. Take a walk
  18. Go fishing
  19. Make an ice cream sundae
  20. Say bubbles in the angriest voice you can
  21. Take a nap
  22. Write a poem
  23. Tell someone you care about them. It could be a friend, family member, or romantic partner
  24. Read the Bible
  25. Start (or finish) that book you’ve been meaning to write
  26. Clean something
  27. Make a meal
  28. Bake a cake
  29. Make up a recipe and see if it tastes good
  30. Do a craft
  31. Redecorate a room in your house
  32. Redecorate a room in someone else’s house (With permission of course)
  33. Start a new collection of something
  34. Go geocashing!
  35. Write love notes to somebody or nobody
  36. Pray
  37. Build a fort, bring in some food, and Netflix for awhile
  38. Binge watch a show
  39. Vlog your day
  40. Write a blog post. Maybe include your vlog in your blog post.
  41. Play dress up
  42. Play the floor is lava
  43. Do karaoke
  44. Learn an instrument
  45. Dance party!
  46. Teach your pet a new trick (Again, kind of reliant on having a pet)
  47. Notice your breathing
  48. Write an angry letter. Don’t send it. (Or do if you’re feeling particularly audacious. Just don’t blame me for any consequences that may follow)
  49. Hop in the car and drive with no destination in mind
  50. Go on an ‘aesthetic trip’ and take as many aesthetic photos as possible
  51. Go to a vintage flea market
  52. Go thrift shopping
  53. Visit an antique store
  54. Go on a bakery hunt and get something at each bakery you find
  55. Explore your city
  56. Have a photoshoot
  57. Catch up on homework (Or work-work depending on how old you are)
  58. Take a quiz (Or twenty)
  59. Watch a favorite childhood movie
  60. Daydream
  61. Think back to the most awkward and embarrassing moment of your entire life. (Oof, maybe don’t do that. Hey, at least you’re no longer thinking about how bored you are.)
  62. Take inventory of whatever items you have the most of. For me it’s books. Last time I counted I had about 250.
  63. Create a photo collage
  64. Make a new friend
  65. Buy someone’s groceries or pay for the meal of the person behind you at a drive-thru
  66. Visit your grandparents
  67. Spend time with a family member
  68. Write a letter to someone
  69. Do something that scares you (within reason, okay guys? Be safe out there)
  70. Go find a food that’s always grossed you out and try it.
  71. Plan a fire escape route and rendezvous point with your family. If you already have one established, go over it again.
  72. In case of apocalypse, invasion, or kidnapping, where would your family meet up to regroup?
  73. Create a language (For those with above average skill)
  74. Learn an existing language (For those with average skill)
  75. Look through old family photos
  76. Learn more about your genealogy
  77. Rate a book and leave a review
  78. Rate a movie and leave a review
  79. Invite friends over for a game night
  80. Go vegan for the day. See if you can do it.
  81. Devise a plan for when robots take over the world
  82. Watch Terminator for inspiration
  83. Go swimming
  84. Do some exercise
  85. Make pasta
  86. Bite into a slice of lemon
  87. Watch cute babies trying lemons for the first time on YouTube
  88. Write a political Facebook post
  89. Rant about something to someone
  90. Learn to play a sport
  91. Go outside and catch bugs. Observe them, then let them go
  92. Learn about someone else’s worldview
  93. See how long you can hold your breath
  94. Meditate
  95. Light some candles or turn on an essential oil diffuser. Pay attention to how they smell.
  96. Destroy someone in Mario Kart
  97. Play a prank, keep it safe
  98. Tell your crush you like them (For people who are ready for that kind of thing)
  99. Text or call your crush and have a conversation with them (For people who aren’t ready for that kind of thing)
  100. Come up with your own ideas for not being bored for crying out loud!

Hopefully one of these ideas resonated with you. Let me know what you tried and if it worked! One more bonus idea for making yourself un-bored: leave a comment or a like, and share with you friends! It really helps me out.

Adventure’s out there! Go forth and find it! 😀